Christmas in July

Christmas in Juli is an unofficial holiday in the southern hemisphere, where Christmas is actually celebrated in the summer. So residents from that area who wanted to have the wintry christmas feeling, began to throw Christmas celebrations in July, as that is the peak month of their winter season. We on the other side can now with 40°C in the shade today expierence how it is to have Christmas celebrations in the summer. Furthermore for all that want to gift handmade items the production time begins in Juli. Only 152 days until Christmas!

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My first sew-along – Day 1

I have always been faszinated with the mythos of the 12 days of Christmas, and as I have liked English since the first lesson at school, I had to fall in love with the English Christmas carol „The 12 Days of Christmas“. When in the adventscalendars 2018 was a series to the 12 Days of Christmas, I had to collect it. Especially as the designs by Jewel Design Studio are so pretty

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Under the mistletoe

There is a lot of good embracing and kissing to be had under the mistletoe. And as our real mistletoe is loosing one by one his berries and leaves I embroidered one for us (design by Individual Pieces) to use the whole year. Why only do all the embracing and kissing only during the season?

It is the season – for presents

Since my embroidery machine moved into the house we all love to give embroidered gifts. But with selfmade presents you never know how the recipient will receive it. I have learned that some people do not see any value in selfmade things. I guess it is those people who do not have a making hobby and do not know how much time and work is needed for such presents. Lost labour of love.

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