Viva la Mexico

The ballet group in which my daughter dances took part in an exchange with Mexico. But my daughter, the youngest and smallest of the group, and one of the boys decided last year that they did not wanted to join. Of course this summer both of them were quite dissapointed when they saw the pictures and film and heart the stories. Nevertheless they went to the conclusion event today in order to know what to expect when they will take part in two years time.

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Stars from Christiansfeld

When the danish king Christian VII, who was at the same time the Duke of Schleswig, visited the village Zeist in the Netherlands in 1768, he was impressed by the artisans of the Moravian Church, of their diligence and their skill. He was so impressed that he allowed them 3 years later to settle in Schleswig. On the 1st April of 1773 the foundation of the first house and therefore the city was laid. Grateful the settlers named their new city Christiansfeld. – And as impressed as the danish king was 250 years ago, todays visitors of this historc place are also – at least we were.

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