Happiness is to dance with friends until dawn at a birthday party

Birthday parties are wonderful, not only for one’s own birthday but also those of friends and family. Such a party means good food, meeting with old and new friends, good talks, perhaps even some dancing. Presents are of course also an issue! And for me giving gifts is as precious as receiving them myself.

This weekend I had the pleasure of giving presents to three friends celebrating their birthdays. The first present was decorated with the piano zipper bag by Urban Threads with a zipper charm by RockQueen. Though this desgin is without a lining I managed to enhance it with a lining thanks to my experience with the zipper bags by Individual Pieces and RockQueen as well as the „Go To“ button of my machine. Originally I had intended that design for myself but have done it now thrice for other people. Last year for a friend’s voucher for concert and for my son’s classmate as a christmas present. Now I a wondering if I ever will have time to do it for myself.

The second jubilant whished for some funds to a journey. But a simple voucher card seemed not adequat. Therefore I sewed a sheath for 2 passports, credit cards, funds and tickets to put the money into. This is not only pretty but also helpful for a journey. I used cork fabric and snapppap which I decorated with two little embroidery designs by RockQueen.

The third present was adorned with a personal sign for a carnival lover (design by RockQueen).

All celebrants were very happy with the presents and I with them.

A travel bag for the sewing machine?!

Since my first sewing workshop I always take my sewing machine with me in order to be certain of having a clean, working machine and of having all accessoires that I use at home at hand. As the parking deck is directly below the workshop rooms I always took the machine with only its dust cover. But this year it was quite hard for me as she is not light-weighed with its 11 kg.

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Workshop Day 3 – Bag for my cutting mat and rulers

At my first patchwork quilt workshop two years ago one of the participants had a self-made bag for her cutting mat and her rulers. I loved that idea and immediately put this idea on my project list. Since than I have been collecting fabric with sewing related designs and bought a small cutting mat (60cm x 45cm by Vorwerk) as well a several different patchwork rulers (by Omnigrid). And now I have finally found time to sew the bag.

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How to stabilze fabric?

As the new race for my embroidery machine is not yet delivered I cannot embroider. Therefore I „have to“ sew more. Though the actual sewing is usually only the smallest part of a sewing project. Mostly time is to be spent on preparing the pattern, cutting the fabric, pinning and ironing. Not to talk about choosing the project at all, as I do have so many ideas.

After I have been using so much time preparing last week I finally decided to do my leopard bag. As I wanted a lighter bag than my turtle ba I had thought to omit the stabilizer that is mentioned in the pattern. But the kind ladies in the NameFabric fan group advised against it. The bag would look better with some stabilizer. But what should I use?

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How to convert procrastination into something useful?

Oh, do you know these days? I have been so looking forward to have a free afternoon for tackling one or other sewing project. And know I have already the fourth afternoon in a row free, because my son is away with his class, but I did not have any desire to do anything. Just sitting in an armchair, feet up and doing nothing was all I wanted to do. Perhaps a little reading, scrolling through a sewing journal or dozing a little. That was, what I wanted to do with my special spare time. Of course there was also a little bit of bad conscience, because I did not use the time for my sewing projects. But then I rembered a little trick with which I could do both without a feeling of remorse.

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Mama, I need a cool birthday gift for tomorrow

To be able to give self-made presents is a blessing. I am always happy when my children ask me to embroider or sew something either for them or as a present for their friends. But when they come in the evening and say „Mama, tomorrow I am invited to a birhtday party and need a self-made something“ than I sometimes wonder if it is not rather a curse.

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