Stars from Christiansfeld

When the danish king Christian VII, who was at the same time the Duke of Schleswig, visited the village Zeist in the Netherlands in 1768, he was impressed by the artisans of the Moravian Church, of their diligence and their skill. He was so impressed that he allowed them 3 years later to settle in Schleswig. On the 1st April of 1773 the foundation of the first house and therefore the city was laid. Grateful the settlers named their new city Christiansfeld. – And as impressed as the danish king was 250 years ago, todays visitors of this historc place are also – at least we were.

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Wearable Souvenir of an inspiring holiday excursion

During our summer holiday in denmark this year Marianne Blomgren took me to a craft fair. What inspiration that was! All the colours, ideas, supplies: different types of thread for knitting, crocheting and embroidering, buttons, fabrics, woven baskets from Africa, sewing supplies, inspirations for hand embroidery.

There I also got to know the danish horn fabric where we later in our holiday bought so pretty egg spoons made from horn.

Furthermore there was the danish supplier Kauni with wonderful knitted products: cardigans, ponchos, beanies, stockings, scarfs. We liked especially the cardigans so that we tried several though it was so warm in the fair hall. But either the size did fit and not the colour or vice cerso. So we each ordered a cardigan as they were really a bargain. Probably because they werde made in Belarus.

Since the summer holiday so much has happened – the daily frenzy with school, job, sports and also our short autumn holiday on Malta. Therefore I had almost forgotten about the cardigan until it was delivered a week ago. And I am still very happy with it. The cardigan fits well and looks even better than I remembered it. And it gives so much warmth in these cold winter days! I would love to wear it every day.

Thank you, Marianne, that you took me to this craft fair!

Packing my suitcase I take with me … a selfmade dress

Fast a week of holiday is over, but I will not forget my Marilyn Monroe moment wearing my new dress (pattern by pattydoo: Marie with sleeves from Chloe) – sadly without picture. When I went up the stairs to the red tower of St. Agatha the wind turned my skirt up. Fortunately we were the only visitors and so only the children had fun, when Mum Continue reading “Packing my suitcase I take with me … a selfmade dress”