How to store serger thread?

After my husband has build me a nice shelf for my embroidery thread I had the need to store my big serger thread cones as well. Those I do not use as much and my wall has little space left, so I wanted to store them somehow closed. So far they were lying in a transparent Samla-box by IKEA, but the thread was always making nests and the cones rolled around.

Against the nesting I orderd thread stoppers from Snaply but they were too small for my 5.000m and 10.000 meter cones.

But necessity is the mother of invention!

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A new life for old clothing

My daughter has several friends that we sew with from time to time. And the girls like it so much, that they ask for their sewing meetings. Therefore some time ago a friend of hers brought some old clothes with her and asked to use them for sewing. As a woman never has enough bags the girls decided to sew a bag – Nanes tote which is a simple but pretty bag of which I had found a hand drawn pattern in a comment of a facebook article. To be able to Continue reading “A new life for old clothing”