Workshop days 1 and 2 – Accessoires for the pirates’ quilt

After the excitement of my daughter’s needle accident at the end of my November quilt workshop I had planned to participate in the spring workshop without children. But because my embroidery machine is broken I could not finish my embroidery quilt pieces as I had hoped. So, when my son absolutely wanted to join me in order to make a pillow and a bag complementing his pirates’ quilt I agreed. Therefore he joined me for two days and was very busy.

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Hiding warm jackets

When the star singers go singing at the beginning of January it is often very cold and sometimes humid, too. Therefore the children of course wear warm jackets in order to not freeze to death. In my childhood jackets and coats were only availabe in dark colours – black, grey, blue and brown which was perfectly neutral to wear under a star singer cape. But nowadays jackets are more colourful which is much nicer for the children in everyday wear. But with the star singer capes this is not nice as the colours blur the impression of the capes.

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Workshop Day 3: ballet quilt

After the fright from yesterday is over, I now can show and tell you about the very good sewing result from my daughter.

When my daughter chose her 6 or 7 fabric for her quilt half a year ago to my surprise she wanted to have pink colours together with white and turquoise. I was surprised as she prefers blue to pink so far. But I liked her harmonic choice of fabrics and colours but why did she want to have solid coloured fabric to her pretty patterned ones? Continue reading “Workshop Day 3: ballet quilt”