Two wishes fullfilled with one item

For years I have been wishing for two things: a folding screen and a pinnboard. The folding screen I wanted to be able to close the big passage between eating and living room. So that I need not see my son’s lego paradise there, or that the children playing there do not feel monitored when their mothers are drinking coffee next door. And the pinnboard I wanted to sort out ideas or to display holiday pictures and postcard.

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A self-made shelf for thread kones

When I started embroidering I did not knew that I would need so much thread. I had started with a thread case by Mettler Amann with 96 kones (200m). But such a kone is used quickly, at least with the more common colors like white, black, christmas red and green, ink blue. So I bought the bigger ones with 800m. But those did not fit into the holes of the thread case. What could be done about that?

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My little crafting realm

I am sitting in my little sewing room and listen to my embroidery maschine, while she is doing free standing lace. Next to my lies my cat purring. We both enjoy this quiet time in the evening. The puckering sound of my machine in quiet mode and the purring of my cat is like meditation to me. In such moments waves of gratitude and love for my husband flow through me as he made the aupair’s room into my little realm.

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