Miss Eliza Africa

Last year I have sewn the Marie by pattydoo and added the sleeves of the Chloe, as I do not like sleeveless dresses on myself. That did work out though I was not perfectly satisfied with the sleeves. The are standing a little bit too high. Therefore I bought the new pattydoo pattern Eliza as soon as it came out last November, it is a Marie with sleeves.

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Hiding warm jackets

When the star singers go singing at the beginning of January it is often very cold and sometimes humid, too. Therefore the children of course wear warm jackets in order to not freeze to death. In my childhood jackets and coats were only availabe in dark colours – black, grey, blue and brown which was perfectly neutral to wear under a star singer cape. But nowadays jackets are more colourful which is much nicer for the children in everyday wear. But with the star singer capes this is not nice as the colours blur the impression of the capes.

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Packing my suitcase I take with me … a selfmade dress

Fast a week of holiday is over, but I will not forget my Marilyn Monroe moment wearing my new dress (pattern by pattydoo: Marie with sleeves from Chloe) – sadly without picture. When I went up the stairs to the red tower of St. Agatha the wind turned my skirt up. Fortunately we were the only visitors and so only the children had fun, when Mum Continue reading “Packing my suitcase I take with me … a selfmade dress”