Quilting Day

Of Quilting I heard the first time when I watched 1995 the filme „An American Quilt“ with the young Winona Ryder, „Wow“, I thought then, „how much work that is, I could never done it“. Therefore I asked my dear husband, to buy a quilt for our bed, when we saw it at a market on Bali (picture of the day). Never had I thought that I would someday start to quilt myself.

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Tell it noone – November 9th a turning point in German history

During my schooltime I never would have believed that I ever would take a look into the dark chapter of the late German history – the second world war. Because in my time there was no other topic in history lessons and at every school exchange it was said that we did these to make amends for that war. Then I thought to myself, why I as a daughter of a child born after the war was troubled with this and why history was not left alone.

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