Tell it noone – November 9th a turning point in German history

During my schooltime I never would have believed that I ever would take a look into the dark chapter of the late German history – the second world war. Because in my time there was no other topic in history lessons and at every school exchange it was said that we did these to make amends for that war. Then I thought to myself, why I as a daughter of a child born after the war was troubled with this and why history was not left alone.

Since then the world has changed, I have changed. And so I Continue reading “Tell it noone – November 9th a turning point in German history”

As one thing comes to the others

As I already have discovered, I am a collector of machine embroidery designs and the designs of EmbroiderLibary I like very much. But thanks to Facebook I discovered that there are more designers and my colletors passion has grown more than I have had thought possible. Especially as almost all designers are offering free designs now and then, so that you can check the quality of the designs (and of course also, to get people hooked and lure them again and again to their pages).Therefore I have after two years Continue reading “As one thing comes to the others”

My first christmas wallhanging quilt

About a year ago at this time I was kneedeep in the preparations for my second quilt workshop. About three month after my first one I had recovered enough to start preparing the next one in November. My project idea this time:  a wall hanging quilt for christmas time as I wanted to stitch the free gift series of Urban threads which I collected during last years christmas time. These had 6 designs and I needed Continue reading “My first christmas wallhanging quilt”

Packing my suitcase I take with me … a selfmade dress

Fast a week of holiday is over, but I will not forget my Marilyn Monroe moment wearing my new dress (pattern by pattydoo: Marie with sleeves from Chloe) – sadly without picture. When I went up the stairs to the red tower of St. Agatha the wind turned my skirt up. Fortunately we were the only visitors and so only the children had fun, when Mum Continue reading “Packing my suitcase I take with me … a selfmade dress”

Packing my suitcase and taking with me … a dish towel

Yesterday I have reported that we stay in a holiday flat in ancient walls. Lately here had lived the grandmother of the actual owner. On the ground floor there is still her old gas oven, which was her wedding present. This oven is incredibly neat, it does not show its age. It would even operate today but the new gas cylinders Continue reading “Packing my suitcase and taking with me … a dish towel”

Packing my suitcase and taking with me … Mugrugs

During our summer holiday we missed our mugrugs. Now we knew that our holiday home here was having glass tables I absolutely needed to make some mugrugs. And as Halloween is in the middle of our holiday the mugrugs had to be themed Halloween (embroidery designs by FruBlomgren, Kreative Kiwi and EmbroiderLibrary). Also, the little skeleton doll (design by FruBlomgren) that Marianne  Continue reading “Packing my suitcase and taking with me … Mugrugs”