Un unexpected letter

On Sunday my daughter had her little needle accident at the end of our patwork quilt workshop. The fright was great but meanwhile we are over it. The damage at her nail is hardly visible any more, just a little red dot as if she had painted it accidentally with an edding marker. But at the knuckle the accident is still visible as the puncture of the narcotic injection made a big black bruis which now is rather greenish. Puh, everythink worked out well.

Today my daughter received  Continue reading “Un unexpected letter”

Workshop Day 3: ballet quilt

After the fright from yesterday is over, I now can show and tell you about the very good sewing result from my daughter.

When my daughter chose her 6 or 7 fabric for her quilt half a year ago to my surprise she wanted to have pink colours together with white and turquoise. I was surprised as she prefers blue to pink so far. But I liked her harmonic choice of fabrics and colours but why did she want to have solid coloured fabric to her pretty patterned ones? Continue reading “Workshop Day 3: ballet quilt”