Happiness is – to have good friends

Sunday is fairy tale day, and the „happily ever after“ makes me feel happy. But in real life I have learned that nowadays happily ever after is rarely the case. In former days wars or illnesses often ended marriage prematurely. Of course this also may happen today but rarely. More often partners, that once swore eternally love to each other, divorce, perhaps because the daily routien is not so glorious as it sounds in the fairy tales. Marc and Philipp Dittberner sing about this in „Wolke 4“ (cloud 4).

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It is the season – for presents

Since my embroidery machine moved into the house we all love to give embroidered gifts. But with selfmade presents you never know how the recipient will receive it. I have learned that some people do not see any value in selfmade things. I guess it is those people who do not have a making hobby and do not know how much time and work is needed for such presents. Lost labour of love.

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Hiding warm jackets

When the star singers go singing at the beginning of January it is often very cold and sometimes humid, too. Therefore the children of course wear warm jackets in order to not freeze to death. In my childhood jackets and coats were only availabe in dark colours – black, grey, blue and brown which was perfectly neutral to wear under a star singer cape. But nowadays jackets are more colourful which is much nicer for the children in everyday wear. But with the star singer capes this is not nice as the colours blur the impression of the capes.

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Wearable Souvenir of an inspiring holiday excursion

During our summer holiday in denmark this year Marianne Blomgren took me to a craft fair. What inspiration that was! All the colours, ideas, supplies: different types of thread for knitting, crocheting and embroidering, buttons, fabrics, woven baskets from Africa, sewing supplies, inspirations for hand embroidery.

There I also got to know the danish horn fabric where we later in our holiday bought so pretty egg spoons made from horn.

Furthermore there was the danish supplier Kauni with wonderful knitted products: cardigans, ponchos, beanies, stockings, scarfs. We liked especially the cardigans so that we tried several though it was so warm in the fair hall. But either the size did fit and not the colour or vice cerso. So we each ordered a cardigan as they were really a bargain. Probably because they werde made in Belarus.

Since the summer holiday so much has happened – the daily frenzy with school, job, sports and also our short autumn holiday on Malta. Therefore I had almost forgotten about the cardigan until it was delivered a week ago. And I am still very happy with it. The cardigan fits well and looks even better than I remembered it. And it gives so much warmth in these cold winter days! I would love to wear it every day.

Thank you, Marianne, that you took me to this craft fair!

Lists to happiness?

Always I have loved to do lists. ToDo-lists, lists for wishes and vacation locations, catalogues of my books, my embroidery designs and my patterns. Writing such lists is a little work (and sometimes frustration when the todo lists gets longer than shorter), but they are so helpful. Without my todo lists I would forget to many important things. And with my embroidery catalog I can find the right design for a project quickly as I can remember the picture and the designer but not the mostly cryptical names.

But what does this list writing have to do with my happiness, you might ask? Isn`t today the day to think about happiness?

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