How to stabilze fabric?

As the new race for my embroidery machine is not yet delivered I cannot embroider. Therefore I „have to“ sew more. Though the actual sewing is usually only the smallest part of a sewing project. Mostly time is to be spent on preparing the pattern, cutting the fabric, pinning and ironing. Not to talk about choosing the project at all, as I do have so many ideas.

After I have been using so much time preparing last week I finally decided to do my leopard bag. As I wanted a lighter bag than my turtle ba I had thought to omit the stabilizer that is mentioned in the pattern. But the kind ladies in the NameFabric fan group advised against it. The bag would look better with some stabilizer. But what should I use?

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How to say good bye to a retiring collegue?

When a dear colleague with whom I have shared a bureau for quite a long time is retiring I cannot just say goodbye but also want to gift a little something (hand-made of course). During the times of us sharing a bureau we also gave us little gifts, i.e. something from our holidays or even something hand-made. Once he gave me a self-drawn picture of cats which now hangs in my kitchen. Every morning this is the first thing I see and it still makes me smile.

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Little presents sustain friendship (and customers)

Yesterday my daughter started to make presents, which surprised me. Valentine’s day had not been popular during my school days but obviously that has changed now. I also noticed that it is quite the fashion with embroidery designers to gift a little something…
Oh, and I love to collect and though I have vowed to reduce my collecting, I could not resist as so many people of my acquaintance are going to marry this year…

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How to convert procrastination into something useful?

Oh, do you know these days? I have been so looking forward to have a free afternoon for tackling one or other sewing project. And know I have already the fourth afternoon in a row free, because my son is away with his class, but I did not have any desire to do anything. Just sitting in an armchair, feet up and doing nothing was all I wanted to do. Perhaps a little reading, scrolling through a sewing journal or dozing a little. That was, what I wanted to do with my special spare time. Of course there was also a little bit of bad conscience, because I did not use the time for my sewing projects. But then I rembered a little trick with which I could do both without a feeling of remorse.

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Mama, I need a cool birthday gift for tomorrow

To be able to give self-made presents is a blessing. I am always happy when my children ask me to embroider or sew something either for them or as a present for their friends. But when they come in the evening and say „Mama, tomorrow I am invited to a birhtday party and need a self-made something“ than I sometimes wonder if it is not rather a curse.

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