Packing my suitcase and taking with me … a travel case

Thinking of travel preparations a woman of course thinks first about what chlothes to pack. But my husband always first thinks about travel documents – tickets, passports, assurance cards and of course money and bank cards. So far he collected all these in a big paper binder. But thanks to the simple pattern of pattydoo for a smart travel sheath they are now well-arranged. On the outside Continue reading “Packing my suitcase and taking with me … a travel case”

Additional bags on the outside of a bag

Since the children are old enough to carry their bags themselves, I like to take my big camera with me on excursions and journeys. Thanks to the in-the-hoop zipper bags I now have a place to store the accessoires that do not fit into the camera bag at the strap of it. I mde a small bag for the rechargeable batteries (design by EmbroideryDesigns), that is waterproof through a piece of transparent plastic table cloth. Additionally Continue reading “Additional bags on the outside of a bag”

A new life for old clothing

My daughter has several friends that we sew with from time to time. And the girls like it so much, that they ask for their sewing meetings. Therefore some time ago a friend of hers brought some old clothes with her and asked to use them for sewing. As a woman never has enough bags the girls decided to sew a bag – Nanes tote which is a simple but pretty bag of which I had found a hand drawn pattern in a comment of a facebook article. To be able to Continue reading “A new life for old clothing”

My first quilt

Around two years ago in November I was invited to a friends birthday party. As it was a special occasion another friend of hers had as a gift a selfmade patchwork quilt which I found quite impressive. Having just bought the elna excellence 680 because of the width inside and the many accessories – a quilt machine though I was not a quilter so far. But Continue reading “My first quilt”