Links for Supplies

NameFabric by Lisa Bee: An american fabric designer, who plots photos on fabric and does individual name fabric. I love these special fabrics, has ordered several and so far done the turtle siren tote, the leopard siren tote and the hug-it dolls. If ordering from Germany it has to be done via email or private messages on facebook. Also the duane is to be considered.

Oakshott Fabrics: A british shop for patchwork and quilt fabrics. It also offers several patterns for quilts and bag, most of them for free. My son sewed a bag for his quilt after their pattern for the Komebukuro bag.

Smart Thread: A new thread producer in Germany. The specialty of these threads are that they can be used for sewing (even on a serger) and embroidering. At the moment they offer 77 colors and white bobbinfil. I use the thread for sewing as well as embroidering, i.e. the cat dressthe autumnal table runner, the poppy dress, …

Snaply: This german Shop offers all kind of supplies for sewing: fabric, zippers, woven ribbon, KamSnaps and a lot of more. I buy faux leather, Snappap, woven ribbon and sometimes tools here. The hardware of my leopard tote I got there.

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