Links for Sewing

Lutterloh System: 1935 a german dress maker invented the patternsystem based on the golden ratio. The patterns are quite small on just half a page. To the system belongs a special measuring tape with which the patterns are enlargend in one’s own size. The basic system consists of this special measuring tape and a folder with 280 patterns mainly for women but also some for men and children. You also would want the curvey rulers at hand. Addional patterns are released for sale four times per year.

Pattydoo: A german pattern designer. There are tipps given for alterations and combinations in the blog as well as some free patterns.  The facebook-group is good for inspiration and hints on how to combine the patterns for different looks. I have sewn the dresses Marie and Eliza so far as well as the girls’ shirt Pia and shirt Paul.

XOXO Lauren: An american desigern of bag patterns. In the facebook group XOXO Lauren – Show off group you will find inspiration for different fabric combinations. I love especially the siren tote to which Namefabric by Lisa Bee offers wonderful fabric sets.

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