Feeling at home in a holiday home

Today it is stormy and rainy and so we can stay at home to recover from our exiting and exhausting trip to the Legoland yesterday. And a good chance for me to tell you about Spoonflower. Well, I got to know this fabric printing service last year when FruBlomgren offered her wonderful poppy fabric that I have used for a mugrug and the lining of a bag so far. Since then I also receive the blog newsletter regularly which inspired me for a quick project for our holidays.

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Miss Eliza Africa

Last year I have sewn the Marie by pattydoo and added the sleeves of the Chloe, as I do not like sleeveless dresses on myself. That did work out though I was not perfectly satisfied with the sleeves. The are standing a little bit too high. Therefore I bought the new pattydoo pattern Eliza as soon as it came out last November, it is a Marie with sleeves.

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Workshop Day 3 – Bag for my cutting mat and rulers

At my first patchwork quilt workshop two years ago one of the participants had a self-made bag for her cutting mat and her rulers. I loved that idea and immediately put this idea on my project list. Since than I have been collecting fabric with sewing related designs and bought a small cutting mat (60cm x 45cm by Vorwerk) as well a several different patchwork rulers (by Omnigrid). And now I have finally found time to sew the bag.

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How to convert procrastination into something useful?

Oh, do you know these days? I have been so looking forward to have a free afternoon for tackling one or other sewing project. And know I have already the fourth afternoon in a row free, because my son is away with his class, but I did not have any desire to do anything. Just sitting in an armchair, feet up and doing nothing was all I wanted to do. Perhaps a little reading, scrolling through a sewing journal or dozing a little. That was, what I wanted to do with my special spare time. Of course there was also a little bit of bad conscience, because I did not use the time for my sewing projects. But then I rembered a little trick with which I could do both without a feeling of remorse.

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