Decorative thread cones

At the beginning of this year I told you about my dear husband’s love work for me when he made a special shelf for my embroidery threads. When I started embroidering three years ago I started with Amann-Mettler which makes absolutely lovely results. Last autumn I saw per chance an advertisement for the new German thread producer Smart Thread whose thread can be used for embroidery and for sewing with a regular sewing maschine and even a serger. That sounded interesting.

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Father’s Day

Today is Ascension Day, which is a holiday since 1934 in Germany. As the weather at this time of year is usually fine, it became a custom for men to wander in large groups of only men and drink quite lot of alcohol. What a fitting custom for Father’s Day, which is celebrated on the same day in Germany.

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Little presents sustain friendship (and customers)

Yesterday my daughter started to make presents, which surprised me. Valentine’s day had not been popular during my school days but obviously that has changed now. I also noticed that it is quite the fashion with embroidery designers to gift a little something…
Oh, and I love to collect and though I have vowed to reduce my collecting, I could not resist as so many people of my acquaintance are going to marry this year…

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