Mermaid fever

Our daughter is having mermaid fever. Therefore she chose a mermaid coaster for the holiday with a lovely FruBlomgren design. And our holiday crafting project is – could it be different? – a mermaid mobilee with the charming lace designs also by FruBlomgren. These little lovelies – mermaids and their round fish buddies – we stitched before the holiday, so that we can adorn them with pearls, shells and stones during the holiday.

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Feeling at home in a holiday home

Today it is stormy and rainy and so we can stay at home to recover from our exiting and exhausting trip to the Legoland yesterday. And a good chance for me to tell you about Spoonflower. Well, I got to know this fabric printing service last year when FruBlomgren offered her wonderful poppy fabric that I have used for a mugrug and the lining of a bag so far. Since then I also receive the blog newsletter regularly which inspired me for a quick project for our holidays.

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