Wallhanging inspired by Harry Potter

As shown yesterday already my children got lots of Harry Potter fan articles for christmas. The LEGO Hogwarts castle is still loved very much and is placed on a chest of drawers in my son’s room.

But the white wall behind it looked so very dull. Therefore I patchworked a wall hanging made with Harry Potter embroidery designs and Harry Potter fabric which I ordered in England. Most of the designs are by String Theory Fabric Art, especially the main design in the middle – the castle in the style of van Gogh’s Starry Night. The crests are coaster designs by Off with their threads. The golden snitch is by Mouse&more Boutique. The book of spells and the timeturner are by Cactus Embroidery.

My husband made the shelf from which the wallhanging hangs. As my son loves to collect sticks when wandering through the woods we took one of those instead of an ordinary curtain rail.

My daughter just loved the wallhanging and wanted one, too – but that is a story for a future blog post …

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