International Harry Potter Day

Since my children found their love for Harry Potter books and films during the first pandemic year they loved to have themed presents for birthday, Christmans and Easter. With pride do the children use them every day.

Furthermore we found an old, used wooden box in our garage which the long-dead grandparents used to store tools and material. Doesn’t it look like a uses magicians suitcase? At least the children thougth so when they found it under the christmas tree filled to the top with fandom presents.

For my sake I can also buy some fabulous embroidery designs inspired by the story. Therefore I can surprise my children every now and then with custom-made presents. Super special are the little letter bag with a Hedwig charm, the ministry of magic keyfob and the Hogwarts ID card by String Theory Fabric Arts.

There I found many more lovely designs, which I transformed into other projects but that is topic for another day…. well, no, not just one day. How about a Harry Potter week?

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