Project bag to go No. 2

As my daughter snatched away my new project bag two weeks ago I needed to do another one.

Which gave me the chance to do it a little bit bigger for me. Again I used old fabric design patterns from a furniture shop and old beddings so I had to mark the bag with an upcycling design from an earlier fruBlomgren contest. The only new material are the zipper and the little piece of meterband. In order to enlarge it I inserted a strip of faux leather between the two side panels.

Since I learned the trick of turning a bag through the inside pocket when making my second siren tote I had to use that method here too. When stitching the pieces I had my doubts about my choice of colours but now as the bag is assembled I like the dark background with the popping colours.

My daughter likes it that our bags are similar and different alike. She will use her bag for her crochet and I will carry my zipper bags where the lining has to be closed. This is a work that I can do when I wait for the children somewhere to come out after training.

And as always the charming designs by fruBlomgren put a smile on my face and with that the closing of turning opening which I detest will not be so hard anymore.

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