Project Bag to Go

Due to self-isolting in home-office I sit the whole day in my sewing room. That sounds nicer than it is because I neither sew nor embroider there but work as an IT consultant. Therefore I am happy when I have the chance to leave my room instead of staying and crafting. So I did not wish to participate in fruBlomgrens latest sewing and embroidering contest.

Of course I had to buy the cute crafting designs but rather for future projects. But seeing all the fun creations in the group from my fellow embroiderers there inspired me so much that I had to do a project bag for myself. It is a complete recycling project made from old fabric design patterns from a furniture shop and old beddings.

Well, it was intended for my but my daughter snatched it away as soon as it was ready and left unattended for just a minute. So I will need to do another one for myself soon.

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