New year – new luck?

And again another year is over. Oh, what a year it was! One that noone would have imagined. When I was a child and bored during lessons I imagined which historic events I would expirience in my lifetime and be assured I never thought about a pandemic.

Covid-19 changed most of the plans that we had for 2020: change of school for the son without exams and without farewell party, no journey to Canada, no holiday trip in autumn, no dancing performance of the kids, no sewing-lessons and lot of more things that had to be cancelled.

But on the other hand there were opportunities never dreamed of: no job travels for my husband, kids at home for homeschooling – therefore we had a lot of family time outside the holidays which we enjoyed very much. We took more time together cooking, having lunch with each other, make a cinema evening at home with popcorn, reading and playing together.

For this new year we sincerely hope that the pandemic can be subdued by the vaccine and that there will be normality for school, sports clubs, little theatres. But we would like to keep some of this quality family time.

Well, tomorrow the new year starts as the old one ended – with homeoffice. Therefore we used the holidays to change my sewing room into an integrated office and sewing space – with larger desk for a big monitor and enough room for writing. But I do not want to spent as much time in it as I did the last weeks when I hardly put a foot elsewhere. This means not only to work less but also to do less stitching. I want to write some more on the blog again, at least once a week. And to go outside once a day to get some fresh air not only by airing the room.

Well, let’s see what life will bring the next weeks … By all means I wish a very happy and healthy 2021 to all my readers!

By the way, the title picture shows our New Year’s eve coasters which we will use during the next few weeks. The designs are (from the left to the right) by DoDare2BeDifferent, Nadelsprünge, FruBlomgren, Cyncopia auf Blanko Mugrug von Individual Pieces, Kreative Kiwi auf Blanko Mugrug von Individual Pieces.

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