Deferred is not cancelled

Looking forward to Canada – that was the title of my blogpost a year ago. My husband had just booked our flights for August 2020 and to celebrate that I had stitched the first block of our anticipation wall hanging.

My plan was to do all 12 block until my quiltworkshop in spring in order to assemble the hanging there. Just as I did with our „anticipation for Africa“ quilt three years ago. But then everything came different from what was planned. The workshop was canceled due to the Corona lockdown.

So I had to complete it at home which took a little longer than planned. Hubby even hanged it to our dinner room wall. All spring long we hoped that our trip would take place. But it should not be. Canada stayed closed to tourists (and I think still is).

So, now we sit below it daily, love the embroideries and are happy to be healthy so far. Of course the text „Anticipation to Canada in August 2020“ is wrong by now. I already have a plan on how to correct that. I will do a little cloud patch with a new year and stitch it above the old one. But which year will it be? Daily we think about that. But I am not optimistic about 2021 so far, and even hubby hasn’t booked yet. We will sit a little longer beneath this prolonged anticipation.

By the way, the designs are mostly by Urban Threads and Embroider Library, only the camper is by Drop Dead Threads.

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