Shabby chic ragtime quilt – block 2

For my first block of the ragtime quilt I combinded four big squares of 8inch sides with a cross of nin small squares of 4inch sides. Now for the second I wanted to try another layout.

Again four big squares of 8inch sides but this time framed by a lot of little squares of 2 inch sides. Because I have so many small scaps that I want to use. Thanks to my 5 inch hoop I could stitch 4 of the little square at once. Very simple – just a cross connecting the two layers.

Of the 4 inch squares I needed nine pices and of the 2 inch squares 46 which makes 13 hoops. Oh, wow, so much more work than I had anticipated. Not only while embroidering but also with pinning and sewing. But I think the work was worth it. Nevertheless I will use bigger squares again with my next block.

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