Equipped for driving

Our latest addition to our car pool is a chic brown Vespa – not new but as good as new as it was handed down in the family.

Of course we needed a fitting keyfob and a purse for the papers. The brown faux leather with its slight metallic shimmer was perfect! Additionally we needed a guardian angel and what would be better than the angel purse by FruBlomgren? And for the keys the Vespa fob by Gadahu was perfect, which was once a freebie last year.

To secure the Vespa we also got a clasp for the braking disk which came with an ordinary very boring black bag. So here I added also the Vespa by Gadahu and now it is clear for which use this little bag is. In order to hide the backside of the embroidery I loosend the bias tape, stitched only on the outside and then sewed inside, outside and bias tape back together.

It is only a pity that October brings cold and rain at the moment so driving the Vespa isn’t inviting.

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