Just like magic – making a present

Yesterday my daughter came and asked me to do a present for her friend’s birthday today, something embroidered.

Oh, wow, what a compliment! Of course I will. Not just something but something special just as my daughter imagines: a zipper bag for a diary as her friend wants to start writing a diary. Decorated with an angel to give comfort in dark hours as the friend has not only to quit the school next week but also to move into another country.

So I did a blank purse by RockQueen and decorated it with the lovely angel by FruBlogren who reminds us to live now and to not fret about the past – on rose-coloured faux leather – as the young lady loves pink. Even my daughter who does not like pink in general thinks about having a similar one, too.

And as embracing is not good thing at the moment and furthermore will not even be possible when the friend is far away she also gets a pocket hug by Sew it begins.

Even though I had planned to embroider something different I was happy to oblige my daughter. She is so happy now, and to be honest me too. It is so rewarding that the daughter prefers to gift something done by her mother over something bought.

And being so happy I almost forgot to look after the third Halloween Hop. But the nice thing about this hop is that is not only about Halloween but that you can also find designs for other occasions, not all for free but in sales.

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