Shabby chic ragtime quilt – the vexatious cutting of the edges

Thanks to my shabby chic Kurt I know already that in order to create that look you have to cut the lapping edges in regular intervals. And when I did that with my small pair of fabric scissors it was a pain. It was so difficult for my hand. How would I stand doing that with such a big project as my shabby chic rag time quilt?

But thanks to all those great sewing, quilting and stitching groups at facebook I found a solution for my problem – a pair of scissors made especially for this task – by Fiskars. Thanks to amazon I could order it overseas as there seems to be no market for it here in Germany.

It took four weeks to be delivered. But the waiting was absolutly worth it. This pair of scissors cuts several layers of jeans fabric as if there was nothing. With the inbuild spring there is no power in the hand needed to open it. I am so happy that my task is now so easy – I can only advise anybody who wants to do such a ragtime quilt to invest in such a pair of scissors.

And while my machine stitches further squares for the quilt I start cutting the inner edges of my first 40 inch square.

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