Milestone – primary school finished

When I was a child children became presents at their first and their last day of school and nothing inbetween. I would have wished for some appreciation for any milestones inbetween. Therefore I wanted to give my son this recognition of his milestone – done with primary school after the regular six years. Anyhow it is half-time of his school-time!

Therefore his room door got also a „red truck“ by Beetle Bug Design but in his favorite colour green with a fitting number sign (just as with the graduates the other day). Furthermore he got a zipper bag for this and that – yes, also boys do need this! (8×10 blank bag by RockQueen) with the 2020 design by Spunky Stitches with the accompanying keyfob and the letter charm by Parker on the Porch. For his frequent visits to the bookstall he needed a small wallet, of course with his favorite animal – a turtle (zipper bag by Off with their threads) with a fitting charm „save the sea turtles“ (found on etsy).

Last but not least the mugrug (by Ferberline) that reminded him over the holidays that he finished primary school and will attend secondary school soon!

As the class was very small with 8 children there actually was a little farewell party for them with their head teacher and headmaster. So he needed a bag to carry all his presents (the documents, a mouspad and a friends book) home. It is a simple bought textile bag that were adorned with two mincraft inspired designs by EmbroideryDesigns. He loves it and uses it constantly for his visits at the bookstall and for buying our Sunday buns.

I bet, he would use it for trick or treat on Halloween if it will be allowed. So I need to think of other uses than a bag for all those pretty designs that I have already collected during the first, second and actually during the third Halloween hop. What about you?

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