How to store all thoses glasses?

Since I was a young girl I needed sunglasses because I am so sensitive to light. My eye specialists said this is due to my slight farsightedness. I thought that to be excellent and expected that this would spare me reading glasses in old age.

Well, obviously I have thought wrongly here, as farsightedness does not prevent nearsightedness in later years. As I just discovered a few months ago. To be honest it is a little longer already but so far my arms have been long enought to read and therefore I could suppress my need for reading glasses. But now this time is over.

That means that besides my sunglasses I also need reading glasses and for the holidays reading sun glasses. But carry 3 bags for glasses? Oh, no, that endangers me to loose one or other of them.

Therefore I needed a bag for all three glasses together. I stitched a zipper-bag by RockQueen which I adorned with a fitting Urban Threads design. After turning the bag I sewed two seams with my sewin machine, so that I have now a three slip-in bag for my three pairs of glasses. Isn’t that practical?

Well, and now I am going to look what the second Halloween hop brings today. And what about you?

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