Shabby chic ragtime quilt – block 1

Two weeks ago I started to work on the gift for a friend – an embroidered ragtime quilt. A wonderful project as I can work on a block here and there as my time allows.

In November I will attend my two times a year quilt workshop where I want to assemble this quilt. Hopefully it will take place as the one in spring had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. But I do not want to have dozens of little squares lying around here, I decided to assemble 17 inch squares at home. For this size I have enough space in my tiny sewing room, and this can be done when I have only little time.

So here now is my first big block done. Theme is yoga with the lovely designs by Individual Pieces. If I want to be done until the middle of November I need to put on some speed now…

Meanwhile collecting some more designs… on the last day of the first halloween hop and on the second of the second hop. Furthermore there is a nice set of gingerbread persons wearing masks today free in the group of DoDare2BeDifferent… Have fun collecting!

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