Snaps – a vexed issue?

Last year I made a lot of key fobs and baskets (i.e. by Individual Pieces) for Christmas which were closed with Kam Snaps. But attatching the snaps with the hand plier was horror for me. My hands were hurting already after having done the first one. And even though I gave everything during the pressing not every snap did its job. Finally I got my husband for help.

But he also wasn’t amused about the job and so I got a table mounted press. With that the job was much easier. It is only a nuissance that the tools have to be changed if you want to switch from front snap to back snap. So I got another press to avoid changing the tools.

So now the work was much more comfortable but still quite strenous when doing several. To add more pressure I always put the press down onto the floor. One day my husband saw me crouching on the floor doing snap tabs. At that moment his back was hurting so much from his garden work that he could not endure seeing me like that working on my knees.

When his back was better he started to hide in his garage after work. Then one day he surprised me with this awsome table for my kam snap presses. With that foot pedal they are now so easy to handle that even our youngest with his 11 years can mount snaps without further help. And every snap pressed this way does its job perfectly. A nice side effect is that I know can use both hands to position the workitem.

Isn’t it gorgous? I am so overwhelmed and very thankful – not only for this lovely workplace but also and most of all that my dear hubby facilitates me so much.

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