A memorable graduation

It was a memorable year for graduates – nothing their parents or grandparents ever expierienced. School were closed down for a time and when they reopened everyone had to wear masks indoors.

A lot of my friends’ children were graduating this year and had to go through this. To help them through this difficult phase I wanted to give them something to make them smile. Therefore my Janny and me have been quite busy.

For every graduate (from high school and university) I made a ‘red’ truck by BeetleBugDesigns with the graduate load. The plate I made myself from free fonts and several free designs with the mask symbol and the toilet roll (but as some designers do not give their name with the designs I sometimes cannot recall from whom they are when I sort them). The zipper bag with fitting keyfob are by Spunky Stitches.

Instead of wrapping paper (in order to spare nature the waste) I used a shopping bag from a local drugstore which were adorned with several embroideries. The heart is by Be-Kreativ, the Apocalypse patch by Spunky Stitches and the writing (meaning ‘at home’) by Heimatstiche. All designs were freebies in spring to make us endure the pandemic better.

And the young people love emojis there had to be an emoji hub by Sew it begins as a bag charm also.

With all that the four young graduate will hopefully start well into their next phase of life which will start tomorrow. I wish them all good fortune and fun.

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