A gull named Hans

Even though sea gulls are cheeky and loud they are for me that symbol for holidays at the sea. I love to watch their bold flying manouevers and sitting on poles in the tidelands. Therefore I needed to have those wonderful gulls by FruBlomgren when they were released in 2017, Kanye and Manuel.

When the children were small we used to give the animals we were watching names. For a seagull Jonathan would have been an obvious name like the hero in Richard Bach’s novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull. But this name was already taken by friend of the childrens, and so we named the sea gulls Hans. And dear FruBlomgren was so nice to rename her Kanye for me into Hans. We just love him.

Therefore Kanye made it already onto my bathrobe and a T-Shirt. And when I found that canvas with seagulls the other day I knew I had to make a sea gull tote for the holidays. To give them a 3D-look I ironed Vlieseline Style-Vil onto the Canvas before embroidering. Doesn’t this look gorgous?

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