Day of teeth health

Did you know it is the day of teeth health? Well, actually everyday this should be every day as the overall health starts with your teeth!

Therefore our daughter now has to wear invisible teeth rack rails which are connected with rubber bands. Because her lower teeth hit the roof of the mouth – not very nice. Nothing you would like to do for the rest of your life, isn’t it?

She is supposed to wear these 22 hour a day. That means, that she is only allowed to take them out for the meals. So she must be able to brush her teeth wherever she is, i.e. school. To make this tiresome duty a little lighter she has everything she needs – brush, paste, rubber bands, a storing box – in this little zipper bag by Blue Pumpkin Designs. The doctor was very impressed. And I was very impressed with my daugther’s creativity in using a Kinderschokolade egg to protect the brush top.

If she does wear these rack rails dutifully as she is supposed to she will be done with them next year for Christmas. Until then we have to visit the doctor every 8 weeks at least to check the status and get the new rails.

So, let’s clean our teeth today especially thouroughly in order to enjoy them a long time!

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