Shabby chic quilt – a beginning

A friend is dreaming of a special gift for christmas-birthday-new house together – a shabby chic ragtime quilt. But what is that???

I did not know that but as the internet is a treasure trove for almost everything and so I found the Sprucecrafts blog with a how-to-do. It does sound quite simple only unfamiliar when sewing the seam on the right side. I want to use used yeans on one side, so that a filling will not be necessary as it would be to heavy with it (as several people in a sewing group pointed out to me).

And of course there has to be embroidery on it – the lovely esoteric designs by Individual Pieces. Good, that I started so early, as it will take quite some time with all those emboridery designs.

To ease my work I made myself an embroidery frame which will put front and back together either before the emboidrey (for quilitng) or afterwards. For the small 4’ pieces I decided to do some quilting with the bobbinthread identical to the topthread and for the big 8’ pieces just ordineray embroidery. As the quilt has to be washed several times in order to get the nices fringes I use Soluvlies.

First I join two of the small squares. Therefore I place the backside fabric (jeans) to each other and mark the end points of my seam with pins so that both the front and the back seam will be perfect together when sewing. As I cannot sew with those pins in the fabric I join the fabric with cloth clamps and remove the pins. After sewing the seam allwance is seen on the front side and the back side is smooth.

Before I join this sewn piece to a big block, I finger iron the seam before pinning it the same way as already described.

What I could have seen, was, that I put the piece with the two charkas upside down onto the big block. But I did not check so the seam ripper was my best friend – as always. Hopefully I will be more observant next time.

At least I have already one twentyforth part of the quilt done, 8’ by 20’ which is shown in the Titel. Now I can start snipping the overlapping threads on the backside.

And I am glad that I did the bag Kurt the other day in this shabby chic style where I learned a lot about how this style is done.

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