Have you met Kurt?

Kurt is a bag pattern which is so variable from very simple to absolutely stunning and it is free! By Fabelwald. Though the freebook is in German, it is so easy to follow with the pictures that it doesn’t matter if you do not speak German. (otherwise come to FruBlomgrens Facebook group there is a partly translation available)

This is my version that I made for the FruBlomgren contest „Sew a Kurt with FruBlomgren designs of 2020“ from old jeans and a lot of scraps. And as the weather is still like summer I chose several beach designs.

Especially smart is for me FruBlomgrens idea to use an ITH zipper bag without the back to use as a bag on the inside of the bigger bag.

Instead of the piping which the original pattern suggests I decided to do ragtime seams. First of all it was quicker which I needed to meet the deadline and secondly I want to do a first big ragtime project soon and so this was the little test how these fringes typically for ragtime work.

Well, it seams that jeans it not equally to jeans, because after the washing and the dryer the light blue jeans fabric is more fringed than the black one. Well, now I know that it will take several washings and dryings until I have the desired look.

But I still like it so that I will start the big project soon but later more on that. And I like Kurt, so I have cut material for another 2 of him. Hopefully I will find time to do both projects…

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