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If you had told me a year ago that there would be a lockdown because of a pandemia I would have thought it to be different for me.

More time for the hobbies as all the driving and all those dates with various sports clubs will not take place. So, I would have thought I would write more blog posts and sew more. But it came different. Because of homeoffice combined with homeschooling there was neither time nor desire for that. During the spare time we cooked and ate together – something the four of us usually only have time for on Sundays and during holidays. We read together and did some sorting out and cleaning. This was a new and very good family everyday experience for all of us.

After the summer holidays the everyday life as we had it before the pandemia slowly returns to us – execpt of course this now necessary mask wearing. And so the desire returns to write blog posts and to show which handicraft has occupied me these past months.

The titel shows the new way of wearing masks. My son was very diligient making his own masks – as I have the hope that he will look better after his own work and loose less of them. To carry the clean ones with him I made him a little zipper bag. The design is by Blue Pumpkin Vinyl and fitting for the occasion even though our mouth-nose-mask is not so fancy as the Mandalorians.

How about you? Did the lockdown life developed as you would have anticipated or did you experience something quite different?

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