A new duty: Wear a mask!

For weeks facial masks have been a big issue in the sewing and embroidering groups as they are hard to come by in shops. A couple of designers offer ebooks and embroidery designs for free. Interested I have followed the discussion and now I have to start with the making as from tomorrow on it is the citizens duty to wear such a mask when shopping or using public transport.

Asking google will show dozens of instrutions on sewing, embroidering and crafting. But who does not want to search for himself here some links. For the classical style with pleats:

We tried this style and found it pressing on the nose so we tried a different style: from CraftPassion. This needs a little more effort to make but it is worth it as it is so much more comfortable to wear.

Of course there are also embroidery designs for making masks though I haven’t tried them yet:

And if you do not have either a sewing nor an embroidery machine do not despair there are also other ways of making a face mask at home. After a sewn variant here are shown two others without sewing.

So which one do you do for yourself? Do you feel comfortable with it?

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