Whenever I buy an embroidery design (which is too often the case), than I always have an idea what to do with it. But as children often take to much food on their plate so I buy too many designs and then I am overwhelmed with all my ideas. Therefore I am so thankful for FruBlomgrens little contests. Through the frame she sets with the contests my block dissolves and I start stitiching again.

The theme of the actual contest is Upcycling! I had a couple of ideas and a huge pile of dull clothes. But what should I do first? Finally I decided to work on my longtime project, my boring white bath gown. Then I wanted to embroider on a dull blue shirt – several fish I thought fitting. But while stitching on the front some fabric of the backside got caught beneth the hoop withoug me noticing it. So now I have a nice front but a cut backside. I do not know yet what to do with it further. My new long time project?

Then FruBlogrem released her new tulip desigs with which I fell in love immediately. There was this white blouse with a colourful stripe from wrist to wrist that called for some tulips – and well, here it is – my new spring blouse. And I finally tried my new big hoop in which I assembled the design on the backside. It is marvellous, isn’t it?

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