Clock work

This night it was time again for setting the clock to summertime. Even though the Europeans voted in autumn 2018 to give this habit up. But the politicians do not have any plans to do so this year. Let’s hope for a change soon.

It is a pity that the politicians do think so little about how to improve peoples’ time. So it is up to ourselves to do so! Therefore I stitched the „Time is about making moment“ design by FruBlomgren onto my bathrobe. Thus I am reminded each morning.

In remembrance of wonderful holiday moments I also added some crochet on pocket and belt. Addionally I stitched Mr. Seagull. FruBlogrom originally named him Kanye. But as in my family all seagulls are called Hans I asked FruBlomgrn for another name version. I am so thankful she did that for me!

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