For Tolkien Fans

Do you love to read? Are you a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien? Then today is the perfect day to look for The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings or The Silmarillion on your shelves and browse through them. As today is the Tolkien-Reading-Day that the British Tolkien Society launchend in 2003.

My son who chose at the beginning of the year The Hobbit for his book lecture in school has turned into a huge Tolkien fan and wanted to have a fitting design on his jumpsuit. I found these gorgous designs by String Theory Fabric Art: Durins Door and Tolkiens rune on the breast, the One Ring next to the pocket and on the back the Fellowship of the ring on their way through the mountains.

Of course my son wears his jumpsuit today and he browed through my cards and pictures of Middleearth. He wanted to know why this day is today. It is neither the birth- nor the deathday. No, it is the anniverary of the the destruction of the One Ring.

So, do you like Tolkien? Which book is your favorite?

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