Hand washing for everyone

Ten days ago I had thought that after a couple of days in self-quarantine there would be some sort of routine and that people would get used to it. But it seems that I was quite wrong about that.

Though almost every day the news tell us that there is enough toilet paper in Germany as the producers are situated here and have full storages, but still the shelves in the shops are empty. And not only those shelves but also those with soaps of every kind – for windows, for the bathroom, for the hands – as well as desinfection. At least people buy hand wash soap, so this means that washing your hands as an effective way of prevention has reached the masses.

Perhaps this is due to Google paying hommage to to the doctor who detected this effect. During the last weekend on Google’s Homepage a modern likeness of the Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis who tried 173 years ago to make the washing of the hands mandatory for doctors before and after the contact with patients. But most of his collegues were the biggest opponents to this simple measuere though they could have easily tested its effectiveness and thus enlargened their patients chance of surviving. Especially young mothers dying often of childbed fever during those times would have benefitted from this measure but it took another generations of medical scientists until hand washing was helping them.

So, in order to remind my children of washing their hands after they played in the garden or grooming the horses, I did the free designs by Reginas Stickwelt and April-Sonne on teddy cloth and put as a picture over their coat hooks. As a reminder when away from home I made the keyfob by Off with their threads which shows a plaque doctor from the middle ages with their beak-like masks, a costume invented by a physician of Louis XIII.

For being effective the hands should be washed for at least 20 seconds better 30. As feels to be a long time it is recommened to sing a song, i.e. two times Happy Birthday. But that is boring after a while. Then I saw Gloria Gaynor singing her hit „I will survive“ while she washed her hands and I knew this would be my handwashing hymne. As I am not so fit with the text so far, I stitched the refrain. I hope she does not mind that I excchanged to words in order to befit the situation better. The text (font by Jolson’s Designs) is decorated with a free handwashing symbol by Julia’s Needle Designs and two Corona viruses by Sew it begins.

My children and I love this helpful sign over the sink.

What do you sing? Please inspire us, if we will tire of this wonderful song before long.

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