Galactic reading pillow

Due to the abundunce of spare time in Corona self-isolation my son discovered reading for himself. Therefore he needed a reading pillow of his own just as his older sister and their sitters.

The perfect fabric I had already found last summer when I was shopping at Stof&Stil in Denmark. A leftover of a darkening curtain with Star Wars designs – perfect for my Star Wars loving son.

As the piece was to small to cut both front and back as well as the pocket I added some black fabric. This offered the option of decorationg the pillow with some embroidery. It had to be the laser sword by String Theory Fabric Art and the writing by BlastoStitch. Arent’t they perfect?

My son loves his pillow. Though I fear that this will be of short duration as the curtain fabric is very delicate though very thick. I did the application with a small left over and the fabric was making so much lint. When I used some duck tape to remove the lint it damaged the fabric. So let’s see how the fabric will deal with the rough usage in a boy’s room.

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