Quilting Day 2020

Due to the wonderful film „How to make an American quilt“ with Winona Ryder in 1995 I had thought quilting to be only for Americans which even celebrate a national quilt day which is always on the third Saturday of March – today!

When I attended my first crazy patchwork workshop three years ago in order to finisch my African wallhanging I did not suspect that this would become a passion. A passion that would lead me twice per year to this workshop. This year I also wanted to attend but due to the corona crisis all gatherings of more than five people are cancelled. Which is a pity as I wanted to do three projects during the three days:

  1. Looking forward to Canada wallhanging which I started stitching last October, mainly with designs by EmbroiderLibrary and UrbanThreads (design on top)
  2. Esosteric wallhanging which I started two years ago. Since then I was searching for a buddha to complete it, and I finally found it it in the February release by Cycopia. Immediately I stitched it with golden threads as in Asia is believed that covering a budhha with gold brings good luck.
  3. A garden flag for spring. Here I wanted to cut the pieces during the first evening, stitch the designs before and after the workshop on the second day and than assemble on the third day.

Being at home now my family will not let me sew for so many hours so I will stretch the sewing of the front over a couple of evenings. Perhaps the workshop will be held in summer so that I can assemble front and back then. That is so much easier in the rooms of the workshop as there are plenty of school tables. My back will thank me for doing the pinning at atable rather than doing it on the floor at home.

Please, keep your fingers crossed for me that I will find time and leisure to finish my projects during the upcoming weeks of self-isolation.

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