Janome MC550e – 2nd experience report

During the last weeks I preferred to play with my new Janome MC550e to writing. By now I have used up all my bobbins that I wound with my old Janome Mc500e and had to try out the winding with my new one.

Technically the winding works identically in both machines but the result is actually much better! The bobbins are wound more equally than before so that more thread fits onto the bobbin. Now I can use it for roundabout 20.000 stitches instead of 15.000 as before.

Now there is little differece between my self-wound bobbin to a bought one. The picture shows on the left a bought bobbin and on the right a self-wound one. The thread on the bought bobbin is even thinner and a little yellow and even a little fuller wound for another one or two thousand stiches. Looking at the stitched results I can detect no difference between the two bobbin types. But as I do lace often I have to wind bobbins anyway so why not with bobbinfil.

And self-winding has another advantage, it is possible to match the bobbinfil to the colour of the fabric, white for bright fabric and black for dark ones. These colours are available with a lot of brands – Mettler, Brildor, Gunold, Smart Thread – and with all of them I had good results. But Smart Thread has addional bobbinfil colours: fawn, grey and blue. Blue is fantastic on jeans!

Now winding bobbins is so much fun that I always do as many bobbins as are free.

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