Corona in front of our doors

The situation is serious. The new corona virus is upon our door, there are first cases here in the city and the open borders are not longer open but are controlled. Depending on the time of day it is difficult to buy toilet paper, noodles or flour in the supermarket even though everybody is supposed to have a privat stock of everything necessary for 10 days on recommendation of the German Ministery for the Peoples’ safety.

Toilet paper was so far not on my list of necesseties but still we feel comfortable with two parcels of roles in reserve even now with the schools being closed down so that we all will be more at home than usual. Even though our reserve is filled well I do not feel comfortable with the empty shelves in the supermarkets.

In order to prevent this feeling of uncomfort turning to panic I need to meet it with slight humor in the form of WC decoration: a sign on the wall and toilet paper wraps in all rooms. This is neither making fun of ill or dying people nor is belittling the danger of infection. Rather it is making fun of those still healthy people that hoard toilet paper. And it is supposed to make us smile being in the restrooms as smiling is good for your health and strengthening the immune system.

Aren’t a good immune system and correct hand washing the best protectors against infection? In this sense I wish everyone a good health and the courage to keep up humour and laughing even in times as these.

By the way, the designs are by Sew it begins. While stitching the left design the hoop met the wall and I didn’t notice. Therefore a satin column wasn’t stiched at the correct spot. On the picture is looks dramatic but in the usual distance that you see the toilet roll it is hardly noticable. And for my private use I think it is totally ok.

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