After my Caspar and my Balthasar (that are the roles my children play in their star singer group each year) are clad for the star singing with a cape, jacket hiders, a lantern, caps and crowns, I needed also something for my role of camel – carrying the load in a pretty bag.

Since fruBlomgren’s adventcalendar 2017 decorate the capes I wanted to have a nativity scene on my bag. I started with that two years ago using Bethlehem, the star gazing scene, a camel, the special stars and a Frida Angel. Last year I added another angel from the 2018 advent calendar and then took the three kings of the 2019 calendar. Alltoghether there are 10 fruBlomgren’s designs on the bag and the blessing with the font of my machine.

I finished the bag about half an hour before we had to leave! And of course I have some enhancement ideas after the first usage: prettier handles, an application on which each year the sticker with the blessing can be stuck and the wristlets of the blessings of the past years should be added. That is my project for next year’s star singing (as well as new trousers as the children have already outgrown theirs). Though it is a bit mad to make such a fuss for two days star singin per year, isn’t it? But it’s so pretty!

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