Owls to cuddle

Last year I got to know the reading pillows and did two for my daughter and her best friend. Aren’t they a wonderful present for birthdays or Christmas? And as the Season is over now so I can show off what I gifted.

When my two babysitter got themselves an old camper for their holidays last summer I wanted to gift them as a special fitment for it each young lady a reading pillow. Wouldn’t that be practical to carry the book to the lake shore? But I was a little late with my fabric order at LisaBee, so that the fabric came after the holidays.

As they got some selfmade dish towels for the camper I decided to do the reading pillows for Christmas. The basic fabric is the typical name fabric in the colours of the camper’s inside with the names of the siblings and the camper itself. And for the book inserts I have chose two gorgous owl pictures as both sitters have a special relationship to owls.

Aren’t the pillows wonderful? The colours actually pop! These pillow will be absolute eyecatchers on the campground and unmistakable. The fabric was wonderful to work with. And as the pillow pieces were cut already the making is so easy. I only had to cut the fabric for the backside of the bags and for the handles.

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