Janome MC550e – report about 1st expirience

Finally I dared to use my new Janome MC550e. What a difference it is! I did not expected this and am thrilled about it.

But slowly. Let’s start from the beginning. As I already discovered from browsing the manual there is little difference in the funcitons. Optically there is also little difference. The display has a grey frame now instead of a black one; the handwheel is also grey instead of white. The font of the type name is now in block letters instead of script letters, and next to the symbol with the scissors there is a grey line for decoration. Because of the 3 inch longer hoop the machine is also 3 inches deeper; the rail where the hoop is fastened, is wider and slightly curved. Futhermore the machine is 3kg heavier. A new feature is the clamp for the touchscreen pen blow the handwheel. This way it is always readily available and still tidy.

But when you start embroidering the enhancement will finally be revealed. The motor purrs quietly like a cat even with highest velocity the sound of the motor is nice in the ears. While I hardly ever used the highest velocity with my old machine as it frightened me I acutually like it with the new one. I am sure I will use it more often. Only when I want to use the riser dear hubby has built me I should use the subdued mode otherwise the riser will swing too strong.

I always liked the stitched embroidery of the 500e but now it seems even better especially on faux leather. I would not have thought that possible.

Now I have to take up heart to use the big hoop. That is a bit fishy. It has two hinges instead of one screw like the other hoops. It seems a bit flabby to me without stabilizer. Will that hold an ITH bag project? With all that turning around and the fabric on both sides?

But before I will try the big hoop I want to get used to the machine with projects in the smaller hoops like some designs for my Canada-Quilt.

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